Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hawaii Trip Day #4 - North Side

Since the kids were up early again this morning we decided to hit up the pool first thing. We showed up at 9am and learned the water slides didn't turn on until 10am. We had plenty fun playing in the water and on the pebble beach in the kid area. To pass the time. That hour flew by FAST!

Once those water slides opened up at 10am...Zach was all over them! He loved going up the kiddie water slide all by himself! You know we will be back here the rest of the week!

Around lunch time we headed back to our room to eat and got ready to go do some more island exploring. We decided to head up to the north side of the Island this afternoon. The timing worked out great because the kids fell asleep for about half the drive.

The north side is very green and lush. We were amazed; as you were driving it was as if there was a line drawn in the road and you moved from dry dead grass to thick green jungle. At the end the road we were traveling there was Kohala Forest - check out these sweet pictures!

Here is Janice chilling in the car with the sleeping kids!

On the drive back we took a different route and you can see in this picture the green lush turn back into dry grass and the ocean in the background.

This is about the time that both kids woke up. They were itching to get out and roam, so we went to the beach. They weren't sure what to make of it.

Logan quickly decided he didn't like the water, or the waves hitting him. Check out his face...he is SCREAMING!

Zach on the other hand was laughing! He loved having the waves crash into him, they were so powerful they would knock him down every time.

It got to be quite concerning as the waves started pulling him back into the ocean, the sand would just get completely pulled out from under your feet. We decided it was time to leave the beach. We headed back to our hotel to change our clothes and go grab some dinner. Long, busy day....but we LOVED IT!

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