Friday, May 6, 2011

Hawaii Trip Day #3 - Coast of Kailua-Kona

Guess who were up BEFORE the crack of dawn today?

Yes - our kids. They were up and ready to go at 5AM this morning. It all started with Zach dry heaving. Zach has a sensitive gag reflex and throws up quite often when he starts choking on any food, so we didn't think much of it....until later in the day when it continued. Today I think he threw up a total of 4 times. Good thing it only lasted 24 hours....and he was such a trooper about it, he didn't want to slow down at all he wanted to be out and see stuff. But enough of that....

Logan of course hit up the fridge first thing in the morning. He pulled out the strawberry tub for some eating. We made ourselves a nice big breakfast (we had the time, it was about 6AM at this point) and planned out our day.

Today we decided to head south of Waikoloa do the Kailua-Kona coast. They have a street that drives along the coast called "Ali'i Drive", there are lots of little shops, beaches, hotels/houses. Once we found a place to stop and walk around the first thing we saw was Bubba Gumps! It was still too early for lunch, but we decided we would eat lunch here once we were done exploring. Check out Zach's face, he actually "posed" for this shot!

From Bubba Gumps we walked south along the road. In this particular area they had a rock retaining wall separating the ocean from the road. Zach was brave enough to walk on the wall!

In this shot you don't see Dustin holding Zach's hand....but that was the rule, Zach could only walk on the wall if daddy held his hand. Zach felt so grown up. The tide was low, and when we looked down at the bottom of the wall there were tons to BLACK CRABS roaming the BLACK ROCKS. It was kind of freaky because the crabs would only move when a new wave came in and hit the rocks.

We also saw some people out trying to find the perfect wave to surf back in.

Next stop was a place known as "turtle bay". Apparently this area is where the sea turtles come hang out all the time. The kids were excited to see a sea turtle so we gave it a shot. We didn't bring swim suits because we weren't planning on snorkeling, just exploring the area. When the kids saw the water....well, lets just saw it was a good thing Jen brought along an extra pair of clothes for the kids!

The place was small, not crowded and very beautiful....

But unfortunately for us there were no sea turtles roaming around the shore or rocks uncovered from the low tide. We would have to try later to see the sea turtles. The boys did find some open clam shells though!

We were laughing at this sign that was posted at the shore.....

Now we were getting hungry for lunch! We headed back to Bubba Gumps. Logan was so hungry he decided he was going to eat the crayons they waiter gave him to color with...

A family shot....

Jen's parents....notice the beach right behind them? We had a beautiful view from our table at Bubba Gumps.

After lunch we browsed a few of the stores around. Logan decided he wanted a necklace.....Grandma was there to make sure Logan didn't walk off with one!

By this type most of us were exhausted, so we decided to head back to the hotel for some relaxing and some pool time. We weren't back very long and Dustin noticed some large animals out our patio door. He grabbed the camera and ran off. Later he returned with pictures of these:

They were some very LARGE goats just roaming around the golf course! When Dustin got back he grabbed the kids and took them out to see them as well.

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